Getting Started

To create a very basic jail, only two things are needed: obtaining the FreeBSD components (base.txz, lib32.txz, etc.) and creating the jail using those components.

appjail fetch
appjail quick myjail start login

Using the appjail fetch command will download the MANIFEST file to check the components. Afterwards, AppJail will download the components. By default, AppJail will only download base.txz. AppJail will extract those components into its release directory.

At this point, AppJail can create a jail using the appjail quick command. In the above example, appjail quick will create a jail named myjail. Using the start option, AppJail will start the jail after its creation. The login option simply logs into the jail after startup.

The appjail fetch is not necessary to run again unless you need another release with different components.


AppJail is able to work without a configuration file, but it is highly recommended to configure it for performance and reliability reasons.


AppJail has a very useful command if you want to get more information about a command and its parameters called appjail help.