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What is AppJail?

AppJail is an open-source BSD-3 licensed framework entirely written in POSIX shell and C to create isolated, portable and easy to deploy environments using FreeBSD jails that behaves like an application.

Its goals are to simplify life for sysadmins and developers by providing a unified interface that automates the jail workflow by combining the base FreeBSD tools.

AppJail offers simple ways to do complex things.


  • Easy to use.
  • Parallel startup (Healthcheckers, Jails & NAT).
  • UFS and ZFS support.
  • RACCT/RCTL support.
  • NAT support.
  • Port expose - network port forwarding into jail.
  • IPv4 and IPv6 support.
  • DHCP and SLAAC support.
  • Virtual networks - A jail can be on several virtual networks at the same time.
  • Bridge support.
  • VNET support
  • Deploy your applications much easier using Makejail!
  • Netgraph support.
  • LinuxJails support.
  • Supports thin and thick jails.
  • TinyJails - Experimental feature to create a very stripped down jail that is very useful to distribute.
  • Startup order control - Using priorities and the boot flag makes management much easier.
  • Jail dependency support.
  • Initscripts - Make your jails interactive!
  • Backup your jails using tarballs or raw images (ZFS only) with a single command.
  • Modular structure - each command is a unique file that has its own responsibility in AppJail. This makes AppJail maintenance much easier.
  • Table interface - many commands have a table-like interface, which is very familiar to many sysadmin tools.
  • No databases - each configuration is separated in each entity (networks, jails, etc.) which makes maintenance much easier.
  • Healthcheckers - Monitor your jails and make sure they are healthy!
  • Images - Your jail in a single file!
  • DEVFS support - Dynamic device management!
  • ...